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SharpSky Pro
ASCOM focuser & dew heater controller



(Carl Sagan)
Digital focuser controller
SharpSky Pro is a digital computer controlled focusing solution designed for amateur Astrophotographers and for those who wish to observe. A small rugged controller connects to a motor enclosure housing a small high torque geared stepper motor.  The controller provides both USB computer and manual control at 2880 steps/rev. Manual control is provided by a separate cabled multifunction hand controller. A digital calibrated temperature sensor within the motor enclosure provides feedback allowing temperature compensation and logging features.
ASCOM compliant
SharpSky Pro is fully ASCOM 6SP1 compliant and has been tested with a variety of todays most popular imaging and capture clients.
Digital dew heater controller
SharpSky Pro is also a USB computer controlled four channel dew heater controller housed in the same enclosure as the focuser.  Each channel provides four heater settings which can be customised 0-100% via computer control. The heater controller also generates a clear error indicating a faulty or misconnected heater.
USB computer control
Many of the SharpSky Pro controller features can be adjusted or customised via a computer USB connection. However, care has been taken to allow the controller to operate stand alone.  SharpSky Pro operates out of the box as both a manual focuser and dew heater controller with sensible default settings.
SharpSky Pro Images
Other features
MoonLite/Robo compatible
Multirate manual control
Flexible beam coupler motor connection
Stand alone operation without PC connection
High side FET dew heater driver
Low frequency PWM heater output
Integrated bootloader permitting scope side USB upgrades
Digital backlash compensation
Stylish looks & rugged construction