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About me



(Carl Sagan)
I thought I would add a few lines about me so there is a person behind the product ...

I am an AstroPhotography enthusiast living on the outskirts of Bristol in the UK.  Since childhood I have been interested in electronics and technology.  From a very early age I knew engineering was the way I wanted to go.  After a four year masters in electronics at Surrey University I started a career in telecommunications electronics & software - well I say career, itís not really ... I just do engineering  at work in the same way I do engineering at home, the difference being I get paid at work.  Primarily my work role has been the design of telecommunications integrated circuits (ASIC/FPGA technology) for wireless applications.

Quite some years ago my wife bought me a telescope for Christmas, a budget six inch reflector.  Within a few days I was trying to take AstroPhotographs through the scope with very disappointing results.  At that point I realised that taking photographs of the heavens was much more difficult than it initially appeared.  I had been very keen photographer for years, covering weddings and the like and getting the odd image published.  However, this basic grounding seemed of little use when it came to AstroPhotography and the learning curve was indeed steep.

AstroPhotography for me has proven to be a very good fit as a hobby.  It is technically challenging, plus covers photography, electronics & software design.  There is an endless supply of very cool equipment and a very knowledgeable, helpful & friendly community of like minded people.

For this hobby I would say you need ...... patience & time, the desire to learn, a bit of spare cash & a very understanding partner.